Super-injunctions in Australia. Bail for accused murderer & Channel 7’s Kerry Stokes v KCA blogger

Kangaroo Court of Australia

The ABC’s Media Watch program broadcast a story on Monday about the Federal Government’s super-injunction which clarified two issues from my last post. Firstly the Government’s suppression order was not a super-injunction and secondly the suppression order by Kerry Stokes against me was a super-injunction. This makes it all the more scandalous for the Supreme Court of NSW and Channel 7 of which Mr Stokes is Executive Chairman.

It is not in doubt that super-injunctions and suppression orders of various types are being abused by judicial officers and even in cases such as a bail application for someone accused of murder. The reason I know it was abused in the bail application is because the judge changed his mind a few days later after an outcry by the public.

What is a super-injunction?

Super-injunctionsin English law refer to a type of injunction in English tort law that prevent publication of the thing that is in issue and also…

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