Sandy Dawson Barrister-at-law. He’s not even a private of the court let alone an officer of the court

Kangaroo Court of Australia

One of the reasons Kerry Stokes and his lawyer Justine Munsie are suing me for defamation is that they object to me calling them perjurers which they claim they are not. So what do they do? They sue me for defamation and send in the  junior barrister Sandy Dawson to lie and deceive the court from the bar table in clear breach of the solicitors rules and barrister rules. How do I know Sandy Dawson lied and deceived the court and what is the evidence to support that? The evidence is that I was there and heard him, the transcript and also Justice Harrison in his judgement indirectly said so.

Barristers and lawyers lie and deceive in courts around the country on a daily basis and Kerry Stokes  junior barrister Sandy Dawson is no different. Mr Dawson claims one of his specialities is defamation when the reality is that Mr Dawson can only…

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