Media Fat Cat Kerry Stokes refuses to give evidence in his own court case. What was he scared of?

Kangaroo Court of Australia

I was back in court on Tuesday (15/07/14) for the frivolous and vexatious contempt proceedings instituted against me by media mogul Kerry Stokes and his girlfriend and lawyer Justine Munsie. I will just touch on the hearing a bit as the judgement is reserved and I will write a full post when the judge hands the decision down. I also think it is worth focusing in the precedent Coleman v Power which gives a lot of protection to the average person from a political freedom of speech viewpoint.

The hearing in brief

Kerry Stokes spared no expense and had two barristers working for him, junior barrister Sandy Dawson who sat at the bar table and the other was Acting Justice William Henric Nicholas QC who sat on the bench. Both worked their hardest to represent Kerry Stokes.

It is quite scandalous that Stokes has even instituted the proceedings against me in the first place and shows…

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