Kerry Stokes & Seven Group Holdings trying for another multi-million-$ sting in dodgy takeover of Nexus Energy

Kangaroo Court of Australia

Well known fraudster, tax cheat and perjurer Kerry Stokes is at it again in an attempt to swindle millions of dollars from shareholders of Nexus Energy. In fact Mr Stokes is trying to steal the whole company via court proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia and has told the court he wants to give the shareholders nothing. Mr Stokes has no shame when it comes to stealing other people’s money and it is time he was put in his place.

Small retail shareholders of Nexus Energy, which is a Melbourne based oil and gas exploration and production company, have set up a website called Nexus Battle Site (Click here) to fight back and try to at least get something for their shares.

Seven Group Holdings, which owns Channel 7, was until recent times mainly focused on Media but is very quickly turning into a mining company with some media assets…

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