Kerry Stokes’ attack on free speech

Kangaroo Court of Australia

I had to take down the post that was here because of the suppression orders issued Tuesday (17/2/15) (apparently by Justice Hulme) as per below. I’ll fight it as normal.

I beat the first suppression order that Kerry Stokes had taken out against me and I will beat this one as well. In April last year in court with Justice Harrison Stokes barrister Sandy Dawson took out a Suppression Order, which was a Super Injunction. It was so dodgy it only lasted 2 days. (Click here to read the judgement where I won against Stokes’ barrister Sandy Dawson) 

Kerry Stokes obviously learnt from the first Suppression Order failing and as you will see the below Suppression Order has no date for a hearing because they know they cannot justify it. They deliberately drag out the filing until April. Shows what a grub Stokes is.

So why the suppression order? What is Kerry Stokes trying to…

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