Channel 7 owner Kerry Stokes is trying to jail Australian blogger while journalist is jailed for 7 years in Egypt

Kangaroo Court of Australia

Australian journalist Peter Greste has been jailed for seven years for committing the crime of journalism by reporting the news and “defaming Egypt“. Channel 7’s Kerry Stokes here is Australia is trying to have me jailed and has instituted contempt of court proceedings against me which is set down for hearing on the 15th of July. What for? The crime of journalism and reporting the news in regards to Stokes defamation proceedings against me. This is almost exactly the same as the injustice done to Peter Greste.

Kerry Stokes the nutter and his contempt charges against me

To read the court documents click on the following links:

Kerry Stokes statement of chargeNotice of motionAffidavit of Stokes dodgy LawyerJudgement of Justice Harrisonin the suppression order hearing which failed for Stokes.

Kerry Stokes went to court on the 14th of April and instituted defamation proceedings against me. He also had…

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