Billionaire media mogul Kerry Stokes now running scared from blogger in the Supreme Court

Kangaroo Court of Australia

Everyone should feel empowered by the fact that a small website like this with just over 2740 followers can take on a billionaire like Kerry Stokes and have him on the run. Those are the facts as Stokes’ legal team are using every delaying tactic they can to avoid a court hearing for the defamation case Stokes instituted against me. Why? Stokes was never going to allow it to go to hearing in the first place given his previous experience of being exposed for lying in the witness stand by Justice Sackville in the 2007 C7 judgement.

I have seen the fear in the eyes of Sandy Dawson (Mr Stokes’ barrister) in court when I have mentioned discovery and interrogatories which would allow me access to Stokes’ relevant documents and force him to answer questions.


As regular readers know Stokes instituted defamation proceedings against me in April. He…

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