Australian KCA journalist to go to jail for breaching suppression order put on a suppression order by 7’s Kerry Stokes

Kangaroo Court of Australia

I will be going to jail sometime in the near future for doing nothing more than the crime of journalism. Yes, journalism is now a crime in Australia. On Thursday the Supreme Court of NSW in my absence ordered me to pay a fine and Channel 7’s Chairman Kerry Stokes’s costs. In lieu of the fine jail time is standard which is the option that I will take.

This is happening with the full knowledge and support of a dodgy NSW judiciary led by Premier Mike Baird, Attorney-General Brad Hazzard and Chief Justice Tom Bathurst. (Click here to read more)

There are two options, the first is trying to appeal on limited funds and playing the game on their territory which they control or two, don’t pay the fine and go to jail on principle which helps highlight how corrupt the system is and fight hard in the court of public opinion online which is our territory and we…

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