Kerry Stokes has suppression order put on defamation proceedings against KCA publisher

Seven West Media Chairman Kerry Stokes has instructed a judge of the NSW Supreme Court, Justice Harrison, to put a suppression order on defamation proceedings that Kerry Stokes has instituted against me, Shane Dowling, and this website, Kangaroo Court of Australia. The matter is listed for court again on Thursday (17/4/14) at 12pm at the Law Courts Building in Sydney.

The suppression order issued by Justice Harrison is one of the most dangerous documents I have ever read. It in effect says that I cannot tell anyone anything about Kerry Stokes’s proceedings against me and I have to show up to court on Thursday.

The proceedings above happened without my knowledge or consent on Monday (14/4/14) at the Supreme Court of NSW. Justice Harrison failed to give any written reasons for his decision to issue the suppression order which supports the argument all he did was take instructions off Kerry Stokes’s lawyers, one being Justine Munsie who is also the author of Mr Stokes affidavit.

Another of Kerry Stokes lawyers, Richard Keegan, told me yesterday (15/4/14) that Justice Harrison or Kerry Stokes lawyers (Addison Lawyers) could have phoned me before the hearing but deliberately did not. In fact Kerry Stokes and Justine Munsie give a reason of why they deliberately did not contact me at paragraphs 32 – 36 of their affidavit as they were worried I would do a post and report it. Kerry Stokes has been caught closing down the media.

This is clearly a denial of natural justice by Justice Harrison and when you look at the facts Justice Harrison has committed the criminal offence of helping Kerry Stokes attempt to conceal his previous perjury in the C7 matter which I have previously written about.


The defamation proceedings by Kerry Stokes and Justine Munsie relates to a post I published on the 23rd February 2014 titled Kerry Stokes, Channel 7 and lawyer Justine Munsie caught lying in the Schapelle Corby matter” (Click here to read the post) This is on top of a previous defamation threat by Mr Stokes in 2011 which he failed to follow through with.

The reason Kerry Stokes says he needs a suppression order now is that he sent me a threatening letter in 2011 and said on the letter “Not for publication”. I ignored the letter and did not contact Kerry Stokes and scanned the letter in and published it. Mr Stokes in effect says he does not want me to disobey his order again. I am not joking, read the affidavit at paragraph 32 to 35. (Click here to read) The problem is that has nothing to do with the court and Mr Stokes does not run this country.

Kerry Stokes previous threat in 2011

In 2011 Kerry Stokes threatened me with defamation via his lawyer Justine Munsie for a post I published on the 23 May 2011 titled “Kerry Stokes, Seven Group Chairman and Australia’s number one perjurer, has been charged with contempt of court”. (Click here to read the post)

The threatening letter from Munsie came on the 26th May and I published a post the same day titled Kerry Stokes threatens legal action against blogger” (Click her to read the post)

I never heard from Stokes and Munsie again because there was nothing they could do. If you Google “Kerry Stokes false evidence” it comes up everywhere such as the SMH – Herald Sun – ABC. An example being:

“A FEDERAL Court judge has accused Seven Network boss Kerry Stokes of giving “deliberately false” evidence in his failed C7 pay TV case and condemned the action’s $200 million legal bill as a “scandalous” waste.” (Click here to read more)

The judge who said Stokes gave “deliberately false” evidence is Justice Ronald Sackville who was a Federal Court judge at the time and who is now an acting judge at the NSW Supreme Court. Justice Harrison should have a talk to Justice Sackville if he wants to know what Kerry Stokes is like.

Someone who gives “deliberately false” evidence is a perjurer so it is fair and reasonable for me to call Stokes a perjurer. If it was not, Kerry Stokes would have followed through with his previous threat of defamation proceedings. He has the means to do so and the legal costs are nothing to him.

It is interesting that on the 17th March 2013 I published a post titled Kerry Stokes, Australia’s number one perjurer, also becomes the number one bribe taker if new media laws passed” (Click here to read the post) and I never heard anything from Stokes or his lawyers.

It is my understanding you have 12 months to follow through with defamation proceedings so Mr Stokes has no claim on the previous posts. This should have sent the alarm bells ringing with Justice Harrison when Stokes asked for the suppression order as his previous threat and failure to follow through is in their affidavit.

Documents – Make sure you save a copy

Affidavit of Justine Munsie and Kerry Stokes (Click here to read) Yes that is right, one affidavit for two people. It is worth noting they have written to Google, because if you Google Kerry Stokes one of my posts shows up on page 2. They say this in paragraphs 11, 12 and 13 of their affidavit.

Court Orders: (Click here to read) It reads as JM and KS v SD so no one knows who we are. Keep that in mind if you come to court to watch as that is all it will have on the court list I assume.

Notice of Motion (Click here to read) Statement of Claim (Click here to read)

Exhibits (Click here to read)

Nowhere on court orders does it say that I can show a lawyer the documents to get legal advice. It shows Justice Harrison thinks he is above the law and can do what he wants as he knew the documents were not being sent to a lawyer but being emailed to me at home.

Yesterday (Tuesday 15/4/14)

I received a call yesterday (15/4/14) at 4.57 pm which lasted 14 minutes from a person who identified himself as Richard Keegan from Addisons Lawyers. He said he was the contact person but the partner at the firm looking after the matter was Martin O’Connor. I knew who they were from my previous dealing with Munsie. He said he had sent me an email with attachments and there was a suppression order on them and I had to be in court on Thursday. I asked him when they got the order and he said Monday. I asked why they did not let me know about the hearing and why did they not send me a concerns notice (a letter of complaint). He said because last time they sent me a letter it had “not for publication” written on it and I ignored their order and published it so they did not want to give me the chance to do it again.

Kerry Stokes failed to follow through last time as he cannot afford to hop in the witness stand and be cross-examined on his perjury and his claim is frivolous and vexatious and clear harassment. 

Disgraceful conduct by Justine Ian G. Harrison

Justice Harrison
Justice Harrison

Justice Harrison was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court of NSW in February 2007 by the Labor Party.

Some of the questions that Justice Harrison needs to answer are:

1. Why would Justice Harrison not even try to phone me on Monday to allow me to defend myself? Courts matters are often heard on phone conference calls now days, so it would not have been unusual.

2. One of the orders Stokes is seeking is to take down a post which only relates to the most recent post not the previous posts which are very similar so there could not possibly be any real justification for a suppression order. In fact in the suppression order they do not even ask me to take down the post complained about. I just cannot tell people Stokes is suing.

3. Justice Harrison knows that Stokes and Munsie made threat before but failed to follow through so he should have had major doubts about their claim this time.

4. A blanket suppression order like Justice Harrison has given is a severe action to take. The main protection that I and other bloggers have is the support of our followers and the fact that we can get the message out to the public fast when need be. If I cannot communicate with others and the followers of this site when there is trouble then that protection is gone and it is a clear game of intimidation by Stokes and Munsie that Justice Harrison should never have supported.

5. This sites main focus is judicial corruption and I have to wonder if Justice Harrison has been lined up for payback for this site and me. It sure looks like it.

6. Why the secrecy by Justice Harrison? He is meant to be on the public’s payroll not Kerry Stokes’.

Kerry Stokes and his lawyers are harassing me and abusing the legal system to do so. For me to do nothing and cop it sweet encourages them to do it to others. Well I am not going to stand for it and Justice Harrison has a lot of questions he needs to answer. I will be making a complaint against Justice Harrison with Chief Justice Bathurst and the Judicial Commission of New South Wales even though I doubt much will come of it as they look after their own boys and girls. But it is always worth going through the process. Harrison in now in the eye of the storm and well and truly on this sites radar.

There is a war going on for a true democracy free of the corruption we see in the media daily and Kerry Stokes is attacking one of the key fundamentals of achieving the goal and that is free speech and using the free speech to out the corrupt people. The internet is the great equalizer and has empowered us all and Stokes and his kind do not like that.

If I have defamed Stokes he can sue me as he has the resources which most people do not. He tried that last time in 2011 and it did not work so now he is getting very dirty and suppressing free speech with the help of a compliant judge. What I said in the most recent post is no worse than what I said in previous posts so there was no need for a suppression order.

We’ll see what happens on Thursday or what action Kerry Stokes and Justine Munsie take.

First published on Kangaroo Court of Australia – 16-4-14 – Court orders were issued to conceal the corruption


  1. […] There was no response by Chief Justice Bathurst or the court even though he could have easily had it set down if he wanted to. On Tuesday 16/8/16 I phoned Stokes lawyers and told them I would be going to see the Duty Judge. I went into the court and the Duty Judge happened to be Justice Ian Harrison. It was Harrison who got the ball rolling in the case back in April 2014 with a secret hearing with Stokes barrister Sandy Dawson and he issued a super-injunction in Stokes’ favour. […]


  2. […] There was no response by Chief Justice Bathurst or the court even though he could have easily had it set down if he wanted to. On Tuesday 16/8/16 I phoned Stokes lawyers and told them I would be going to see the Duty Judge. I went into the court and the Duty Judge happened to be Justice Ian Harrison. It was Harrison who got the ball rolling in the case back in April 2014 with a secret hearing with Stokes barrister Sandy Dawson and he issued a super-injunction in Stokes’ favour. […]


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