Kerry Stokes threatens legal action against blogger

Kangaroo Court of Australia

I posted a story on this site in relation to Kerry Stokes’s current legal problems on the 23rd May 2011 titled “Kerry Stokes, Seven Group Chairman and Australia’s number one perjurer, has been charged with contempt of court”. (Click here to read) Yesterday, Thursday the 26th of May I received a threatening letter from Kerry Stokes’s lawyer, Justine Munsie – Addisons Lawyers. I received the letter when I arrived home at 9pm and it was under my door. (See letter below)

The letter raises two key issues. Issue one is that I said Kerry Stokes “has been charged” and the second issue is they claim I suggest that Kerry Stokes “has been charged and found guilty of perjury”.

Issue one is clearly a smoke screen to conceal the real issue, which is issue two. A quick internet search will reveal that almost every media organisation in the country has said that Mr Stokes has been…

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